First release of 2019

This morning, Gibbon Station (Koh Pao) released an Eagle back into the wild. The grey-headed fish eagle is currently listed as Near-Threatened on the IUCN Red List. Although not currently considered to be threatened with extinction, the population of grey-headed [...]

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Giant Asian Pond Turtle and Soft Shell Turtle saved from the illegal wildlife trade – Release VIDEO

Giant Asian Pond Turtle and Soft Shell Turtle saved from the illegal wildlife trade - Release Video While on patrol, Pangolin Station (Stung Proat) rescued 7 Giant Asian Pond Turtle and one Soft Shell turtle from the [...]

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Great hornbills transferred to the Release Station in Koh Kong

Nick Marx, Wildlife Programs Director talks about Wildlife Alliance rehabilitation programs. Today we transferred 4 Great hornbills to the Rehabilitation Release Station. Wildlife Alliance’s wildlife programs are designed to rehabilitate animals victimized by the wildlife trade and provide them [...]

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Facebook Groups used as marketplace for Wildlife Trade

WRRT raided a suspected trader's house in Phnom Penh where wildlife was illegally stored for sale on internet. Were rescued: 2 crested serpent eagles, 3 palm civets, 2 Asian mongooses and 1 hornbill. The work was successfully completed after [...]

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A Collaborative Effort Saves 689 Animals from International Trade

  In late May, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) was provided with intelligence regarding a large shipment of wildlife that was to be transported from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Vietnam where it was to be sold. After a thorough [...]

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