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Overall Duties:

The SCFPP patrol unit Supervisor is in charge of one station in the South West Elephant Corridor Administration and Wildlife Alliance, and supported by the Royal Gendarmerie Khmer (military police).  There are seven stations with four foreign Supervisors and two local Supervisors.  Each station is comprised of three Rangers from the Ministry of Environment, ten military police, one Supervisor and one assistant.

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Team supervision:

  • The supervisor is responsible for project management of the operations and management of the station.
  • The supervisor is responsible for ensuring station performance in stopping forest fires, land encroachment, logging, wildlife poaching, and other forest crimes.
  • The supervisor is responsible for the good maintenance of equipment, station maintenance.
  • The supervisor is responsible for all health related matters of the station team.
  • The supervisor is responsible for ensuring at all times to ensure that proper security procedures, patrolling procedures, crime scene approach and processing, legal documentation and processing, and overall operating procedures are implemented correctly.
  • The supervisor is responsible for overseeing all legal paper work AT THE MOMENT OF WRITING of the government officers in order to ensure there is no corruption (i.e. evidence and offenders are not released and maximum penalties are enforced).
  • The supervisor must go on patrol in person every day with one of the patrol teams, preferably assigning his assistant to go with the other team (rather than going both with the same team).
  • The supervisor if responsible for maintaining discipline and motivation and for assuring good relationships amongst the team members.
  • The supervisor if responsible for liaising with district, commune and village authorities.
  • The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that a network of informants is in place to provide timely information about forest crimes so that patrolling operations and ambushes are successful.

Employee must display professional behavior at all times because all her actions reflect on Wildlife Alliance. 


Good/decent oral/written communication in English;

Military Experience;

PC basics (Excel/Word);

Physically and mentally fit.

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