Send a gift to a rescued animal on their journey to recovery.

You can help us care for wildlife from the moment they enter our care and are rescued, through their rehabilitation at our rescue centre, and when they are released back into the wild. From transportation, medical care, tracking equipment or anywhere in between, your gift will help us help them!


Who doesn’t love fresh watermelon on a summers day!?! Our elephants certainly do! Today you have just made one of our elephants very happy indeed!

Feline Annual Vaccination

Our furry felines require annual vaccinations just like your kitty cat at home! When you buy this gift not only are you covering the cost of the vaccine but also the cost of a full health check with the vet which includes routine …

Barrel Enrichment

Enriching the lives of the animals in our care is vital to their mental, and physical, health. Barrel’s are a hardy item that we can utilize with many species, including Tigers, Binturongs and Gibbons. …

Baby Bucket

Our nursery receives a lot of infant primates from the illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia. These fragile babies require around the clock care and your purchase will provide them with a teddy bear for snuggling (just like mum), a tin of formula, bottles for feeding, and bedding materials.

Transport Container

Our Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) is tasked with enforcing Cambodia’s wildlife protection laws. This sees them both confiscating animals from the illegal wildlife and pet trades and also releasing animals back into the wild where they belong….

Radio tracking equipment

When animals are released back into the wild we utilise radio-tracking equipment to ensure their success and safety following …