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Wildlife Alliance’s wildlife programs are designed to rehabilitate animals victimized by the wildlife trade and provide them with the support and care necessary to ready them for release back into the wild.



Wildlife Care Wildlife Care 2011 05 18 CRW sloatsopheaprelease bearintree2 768x1024Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is a government-owned facility set over 6,000 acres of regenerating forest. Wildlife Alliance animal husbandry specialists and veterinarians care for over 1,400 animals across more than 100 species, including Asian elephants, tigers, Pileated gibbons, otters, and many hoofstock, birds and reptiles. All of the animals have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade or are victims of habitat loss and without a berth at the rescue center, they would likely be dead.

Since arriving at Phnom Tamao in 2001, Wildlife Alliance has provided much needed funding and animal care expertise to transform the center. Investment in infrastructure and personnel ensures that all animals are treated responsibly and no animal is ever turned away. The partnership between Wildlife Alliance and the Cambodian Forestry Administration ensures animals rescued from wildlife traders in Cambodia are guaranteed a lifetime of care and those who have made a full recovery have the chance of release back into the wild.

With nearly 300,000 visitors annually, Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is a show piece for wildlife conservation efforts in Cambodia.

Meet our ambassador animals and hear their stories on your behind the scenes tour with Wildlife Alliance >>>


Wildlife Care Wildlife Care 2013 01 24 CRW ungulatessambardeerintrees Peteris 1024x701Release is always our primary goal. Once animals have fully recovered and those born at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center are released back into the wild under IUCN protocols at one of our three primary release sites; the Phnom Tamao Protected Forest, our Wildlife Rehabilitation Station set deep in the southern Cardamom Mountains in southwest Cambodia, or our Rewilding Project in the Angkor Temples Forest Complex in Siem Reap.

Wildlife Alliance has successfully released thousands of animals, including pangolins, binturongs, civets, slow loris’, macaques, leopard cats, porcupines, parakeets and hill mynahs. Released animals are monitored using various methods, including radio telemetry, camera traps, track identification and visual observation to ensure release strategies are successful and the animals are able to survive. Wildlife Alliance has forest rangers on the ground patrolling the area day and night, ensuring released wildlife a safe habitat, free from the dangers of being poached.
Learn about our release work first hand when you stay overnight at Wildlife Alliance’s Release Site in the Cardamom rainforest >>>


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