Happy World Otter Day – May 25, 2019

Happy World Otter Day! One of our camera traps in the Cardamom Rainforest Landscape, Cambodia captured these smooth-coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata) drying off in the sand. Otters spend a significant amount of time grooming to maintain its insulating qualities and often times have a dedicated area of land for drying and grooming. These otters are classified as Vulnerable and their declining populations can largely be attributed to loss of wetland habitats from construction of large hydroelectric projects, settlements and [...]

Wildlife Alliance rangers dismantle hunting nets

Wildlife Alliance rangers dismantle and collected 50 matters of hunting nets and confiscated one chainsaw used in illegal logging. The logger dropped the chainsaw and abandoned his camp before our rangers reached the site. SPONSOR A RANGER STATION FORESTS PROTECTION PROGRAM Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests. What do [...]

Grey-headed parakeets released back into the wild

Wildlife Alliance rangers from Clouded Leopard station (Chambak) saved and released 10 Grey-headed parakeets back into the wild. The near threatened (IUCN) birds were kept in a cage, ready to be sold on the black market.  Grey-headed parakeet (Psittacula finschii) is closely related to the slaty-headed parakeet which together form a super-species. It is found in Southeast Asia from north-eastern India to Vietnam. Th grey-headed parakeet is often captured in the exotic bird trade [...]

Brief update on Lori and Amari

Lori and Amari, two macaques brought to Phnom Tamao in Septemeber 2018, are both doing well. The mother, Amari, has very limited vision but is otherwise happy and healthy. Her daughter, Lori, continues to grow and gain strength every day and does not let her injuries from infancy slow her down. Since September, many macaques have been injured or removed from their wild troops from people trying to make money off of exploiting the monkeys on YouTube. This has [...]

Thanks to ISPP students for their help in protecting Cambodia’s wildlife

Thanks to the students at ISPP for helping us rescue a green peafowl being kept as a pet in Phnom Penh! After a grade 2 class learned about Endangered animals in Cambodia their teacher spotted a large bird being kept in a small cage. The students were able to identify the bird as an Endangered Green Peafowl and emailed Wildlife Alliance for help. Thanks to the class's tip, our Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team was able to confiscate the bird [...]

Asian water monitor release

Six Asian water monitors were saved and released back into the wild by Wildlife Alliance rangers from the Green Peafowl station (Sre Ambel)

One of the greatest threats facing wildlife in Southeast Asia is unsustainable levels of hunting

One of the greatest threats facing wildlife in Southeast Asia is unsustainable levels of hunting. Wildlife Alliance has rescued over 200 civets from the illegal wildlife trade. However, the international demand remains high and we are seeing civets disappear from the wild at increasing rates. SPONSOR A RANGER STATION FORESTS PROTECTION PROGRAM Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered [...]

Bear necessities – an update on cared for and released bears in the Cardamom Rainforest

Bears have occupied a lot of our rime lately. We had been keeping young sun bear Micah, brought to us from Siem Pang in Stung Treng Province in July 2018, inside our bear house as we felt it was unwise to release him into the large 1-hectare fenced area of forest, currently holding female Soheap and male Tela. We walk Micah twice each day, he has grown and is now in great condition. We usually take him through the [...]

Baby macaque rescued by Wildlife Alliance rangers

Rangers rescued an infant macaque from a poacher in the Cardamom Rainforest. The young monkey was stolen from the wild and from it's mother's care to be sold into the wildlife trade. After confiscating the monkey, Wildlife Alliance rangers made sure she was fed and transported her Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center where she will be introduced to a troop of other young, misfit macaques and begin her journey back to the wild. [...]

Call for ban of snares – Dhole caught in snares graphic content

A simple brake cable for motorbikes can kill a tiger, a bear, even a young elephant in Southeast Asia. Local hunters use these ubiquitous wires to create snares – indiscriminate forest traps – that are crippling and killing Southeast Asia’s most charismatic species and many lesser-known animals as well. A fact from a paper in Biodiversity Conservation highlights the scale of this epidemic: in Cambodia’s Southern Cardamom National Park rangers with the Wildlife Alliance removed 109,217 snares over just six years. Dhole [...]