Wildlife seized in Pursat

Military police along with forestry administration officers and Wildlife Alliance officials raided a house on Wednesday in Pursat province used in the illegal wildlife trade. The team seized seizing nearly 80 kilos of snakes. The owner was fined and [...]

The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) does more than enforce wildlife laws

The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) does more than enforce wildlife laws. They also patrol the forests looking for illegal logging and watching for snare traps. They are out there day and night making sure that the forests are [...]

WRRT-Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team major bust

On Monday 23 December 2017, based on our long-time investigation on this identified trader of the area, WRRT rushed out for the operation as we were suggested by our informant (KPS-SP). Two trucks of WRRT with four team members [...]

Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team – disparate duties…

The illegal trade is not only decimating wildlife populations but is also inflicting great suffering as every aspect  from capture, to transport and ultimately slaughter is extremely cruel and will be conducted without any regard  for the individuals involved. [...]

You call this traditional medicine?

I would like to share with you one of the atrocities that we are involved in as wildlife police in charge of cracking down on international wildlife trafficking cases. I lead an organization called Wildlife Alliance that arrests wildlife smugglers [...]

The Black Market for Wildlife is Moving to Social Media

  As technology evolves and people seem to become more dependent on their phones and social media, the illegal market, including the wildlife trade, has been evolving with it. Facebook pages and groups specifically for the purpose of selling wildlife [...]

Two fined for holding illegal meat

Wildlife Alliance works with local authorities to stop illegal wildlife trade. "The Lumphat district Forestry Administration, working together with the NGO Wildlife Alliance and other authorities, arrested the pair..." Phnom Penh Post, Nov. 07, 2016.   [tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file="" [...]

785 Animals Rescued in Major Boat Raid

The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) is a small group, yet has the enormous responsibility of detecting and prosecuting illegal wildlife trade offenders across all 26 provinces of Cambodia.  Because the small team has such a monumental task, the WRRT [...]

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