On April 9, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) conducted an operation and raided a suspected wildlife trader’s house in Pursat Province. After inspecting the property, the team found and confiscated 13.8 kg of bushmeat from a wild pig and a Burmese hare. They also rescued a live water snake and two live elongated tortoises. The wildlife trader was penalized and fined $615.

The water snake and elongated tortoise were released back into the wild later the same day. Elongated tortoises are globally endangered, and yet, are the turtle/tortoise species the WRRT most commonly rescues from the illegal wildlife trade. They are targeted by wildlife traffickers for the food and pet trade. Wildlife Alliance’s WRRT is working to reduce collection pressure on these endangered tortoises throughout Cambodia.

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The WRRT is a Forestry Administration law enforcement unit led by the Forestry Administration, in cooperation with the Military Police, with technical and financial support from Wildlife Alliance.

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WRRT is a close-knit team of government officers who are putting their life on the line to save helpless wild animals from cruel suffering and death.

To report wildlife crimes or wild animals in danger
Call 012 500 094 in all instances.

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