In June of 2018, we received a young Sun Bear cub from Stung Treng province after he was donated to another NGO, Birdlife International, by a villager. Given he was only approximately 4 months old, we immediately transferred Micah to our Wildlife Release Station in the Cardamom Mountains to give him the best chance of being released back into the wild. Micah still required milk formula when he arrived at WRS but the staff has started introducing him to solids. He takes daily walks in the forest with his keepers where he is learning to climb trees, build nests and forage for termites and ants to eat! Micah now shares the 1-hectare open-top enclosure with our adult female sun bear, Sopheap, who we hope will become his surrogate mother!

You can now help us care for Micah as he grows and learns the skills he will need in the wild for just $5, $10, or $20 a month. In return, you’ll receive exclusive quarterly updates on his progress!

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At Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC), Wildlife Alliance cares for and rehabilitates over 1,200 animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

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