Imagine a lush forest, alive with the sounds of wildlife and the vibrant colors of nature. 

This is the Cardamoms, Southeast Asia’s last untouched rainforest. 

Home to an incredible array of creatures, this forest plays a crucial role in regulating our climate and creating clean air. 

Unfortunately, this precious ecosystem is under threat from fires and logging. 

To showcase the beauty and importance of the Cardamom Mountains, Wildlife Alliance and WILD-Phnom Penh have organized “Cardamoms Forever – A Series of Exhibitions.” 

This exciting event celebrates the breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and the dedicated individuals who protect this unique sanctuary. 

This exhibition is the second in a series, the first of which was held at Factory Phnom Penh in February in collaboration with Murals for Cambodia.

Wildlife Alliance in collaboration with WILD-Phnom Penh held the opening on 18 June which was a success. This exhibition will continue until 21 July 2024.

Visit WILD-Phnom Penh and support the preservation of Southeast Asia’s last unbroken forest – the magnificent Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia!

Forests, wildlife, and humans can co-exist and live in harmony. We must work hard to achieve this.