Meet Micah the rescued sun bear

In June of 2018, we received a young Sun Bear cub from Stung Treng province after he was donated to another NGO, Birdlife International, by a villager. Given he was only approximately 4 months old, we immediately transferred Micah [...]

WRRT Seized Boar Meat from the Market in Rattanakiri Province

It is not ok to eat endangered animals including boar, turtle, tusked deer, soft-shelled turtle and monitor lizard. See a photo of boar meat that the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) recently seized from the market in Rattanakiri province. This [...]

Female Cub Was Rescued in the Forest…

This female cub was rescued in the forest by a farmer who went into the forest to collect fire wood. "I heard the bear cried and cried all alone in the forest," recalled the farmer from Ratanakiri province. Some [...]

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