The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) traveled to the northeast province of Ratanakiri to investigate a local market reputed to sell bushmeat. With information about a vendor selling wildlife meat behind beef, the team ambushed the market from two sides and sealed off the stalls selling beef.

After searching the stalls in question, the team found and confiscated 381 lbs (173 kg) of wildlife meat, including Sambar deer, red muntjac, wild pig, Burmese hare, porcupine, and Bengal monitor. All the meat was confiscated and destroyed.

Unfortunately, the sellers were not at their stalls when the team arrived and did not return once the team raided the stalls. Market vendors know that selling meat from wild animals is illegal, but because the WRRT covers the entire country, law enforcement from local government is needed to stomp out the illegal wildlife trade in local markets. The WRRT is working with local authorities to stop the illegal sale of wildlife in this market.

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WRRT is a close-knit team of government officers who are putting their life on the line to save helpless wild animals from cruel suffering and death.

To report wildlife crimes or wild animals in danger
Call 012 500 094 in all instances.

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