Hystrix brachyura

The Malayan porcupine or Himalayan porcupine (Hystrix brachyura) is a species of rodent in the family Hystricidae. Three subspecies are extant in South and Southeast Asia. (wiki)

Wildlife Alliance camera trap - Cardamom Mountains Dhole

Wildlife Alliance camera trap – Cardamom Mountains – Malayan Porcupine


Its size is quite bigger than other species of porcupines. It has hard spines on the upper part of its neck, which looks like mane. Its bristle on the front part of its body is short and dark-brown in color. Its bristle on the back part of its body is long and white in color. It has black band circled around bristle.

It eats vegetations, grasses, taros, yarns, bamboo shoots, fruits, animal bones, and horns.

It can adjust itself to various surroundings. It makes a living during nighttime. During daytime, it resides in soil hollow. When facing enemy, it intimidates by trampling its feet. Its bristle points up and it shakes its tail to make sound. Porcupine is not able to toss its bristle away but its bristle is quite easy fall. Once enemy is hit by its bristle, its bristle, thus, stab on its enemy.

Camera Trap – GALLERY (Cardamom Mountains) YouTube

The Cardamom Mountain area supports more than 50 species of IUCN Threatened or Near Threatened birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Cardamom Mountains – Malayan Porcupine

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