Although Cambodia has been facing a severe drought and there has not been rain for months in Angkor, the animals Wildlife Alliance released in the historic temple complex seem to be thriving.  We are excited to announce that Bayon and Tevy, the second pair of pileated gibbons released at Angkor, have recently had a baby!  This news brought relief to our staff who were initially worried that the two gibbons would not stay as a pair in the wild. The male, Bayon, would often explore the forest, leaving the more cautious Tevy near their release site and feeding station.  In recent months, Tevy has joined Bayon in exploring the forest and the two are rarely seen independently of one another.  The newest gibbon born in Angkor is wonderful news for both the project and for the long term survival of this endangered species.

The first pair of gibbons, Baray and Saranick, and their baby, Spider, continue to do well.  Spider is growing up quickly and is becoming very confident at swinging among the branches. Baray has settled in to his role as a father perfectly and is defensive of his family, becoming agitated when our staff monitors the trio for what he feels is too long.

The sivered langurs that were released in Angkor in late 2014 are also doing well, but still rely on supplemental feeding that Wildlife Alliance provides for them to ensure their survival in the wild. We have also released a male muntjac to accompany the female who was previously brought to Angkor.  The muntjac pair is currently in an enclosure but show signs that they may be ready for release soon because they are wary of their handlers, even though the female was hand raised at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC).

Make a gift to help Wildlife Alliance re-wild the Angkor Temple complex. The area was decimated of it wildlife from hunters, but is now protected and suitable for wildlife, once again. 

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Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests.

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