Baby gibbon saved by Wildlife Police

We received information from a foreigner concerning a baby gibbon being carried around streets close to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. The WRRT went in search but were unable to find the animal. However following an investigation by [...]

Wild animals belong in the wild!

We very often get people bringing us baby gibbons that have been kept as pets. It is frustrating to us that people continue to believe that wild animals will be fine kept inside your house. This is just never [...]

Second Baby Gibbon Born at Angkor!

Although Cambodia has been facing a severe drought and there has not been rain for months in Angkor, the animals Wildlife Alliance released in the historic temple complex seem to be thriving.  We are excited to announce that Bayon [...]

Baby Gibbon born at Angkor temple

Wildlife Alliance has been re-wilding the victims of the illegal wildlife trade since 2001. The second pair of endangered pileated gibbons that we released in the forests around Angkor Wat, gave birth this month - July 2016. The good [...]

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