We are excited to introduce three new species to our Sponsor an Animal campaign: the binturong, clouded leopard and great hornbill! Our Sponsor an Animal program allows you to make a difference in the lives of animals like Moh Tom, a great hornbill that was rescued from the pet trade as a juvenile and was found with his feathers plucked. Thanks to our attentive staff, he is slowly recovering and is growing into a beautiful adult hornbill. Despite his size and strength, Moh Tom is a gentle giant and enjoys being hand-fed while the keepers check his feathers each day. For a small monthly donation of $20, animals like Moh Tom, Pey, the rescued slow loris and Chhouk, the Asian elephant with a prosthetic foot, will continue to have a happy and healthy home at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center and our Wildlife Release Station.

In return for your generous symbolic sponsorship, you will receive a Wildlife Alliance tote bag, an exclusive e-packet about your animal and access to behind-the-scenes updates from Wildlife Programs Director, Nick Marx. To learn more about the program, and to read about all the incredible animals available for sponsorship, visit the Sponsor an Animal page.