First Sign of Clouded Leopard Since 2014

The view from the Wildlife Release Station is always [...]

Monitoring tropical forest ungulates using camera-trap data

[tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file="" width="100%" height="2500px" download="true" [...]

Tiger close up – Camera trap @ Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center


Cambodian Prime Minister Endorses Tiger Reintroduction Plans

The last record of tiger from Cambodia was in [...]

International Tiger Day – July 29, 2016

Β  Friday, July 29th, is International Tiger Day, an annual [...]

Tigers to be Reintroduced to Cambodia

We are excited to announce that on March 22, 2016, [...]

World’s First Transnational Tiger Reintroduction Plan

Press Conference featuring WWF and Wildlife Alliance. We would like [...]

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