The last record of tiger from Cambodia was in November 2007 from Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri. The extirpation of tiger from Cambodia was largely due to poaching, of tigers and tiger prey, for the illegal wildlife trade.

Acknowledging the species’ functional extinction from Cambodia tiger reintroduction was identified as a critical action in the Cambodia Tiger Action Plan (CTAP). This was a significant and commendable step: Cambodia became the first country to acknowledge 21st century national extirpation of tigers and to develop clear steps for recovery. This commitment was reaffirmed by Prime Minister Samdach Akka Moha Senabdeiy Techo Hun Sen in August 2017 at the Second National Forum on Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources. And the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Environment to work with other relevant government agencies and conservation partners to begin detailed planning.

Tiger Reintroduction Cambodia