Please join me to stop the elephant slaughter. Tell the EU to issue a complete ban on ivory trade!

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30,000 African elephants are killed per year, this is over 9 elephants slaughtered each day!!! This senseless massacre is a genocide. We are all citizens of this planet and we must stop this. We are responsible for preserving what is left of our Earth’s ecosystems.

The EU is the only government to be still indecisive whether they should ban ivory imports and trade…or if they should still allow it. Please give your voice and tell the EU to issue a complete ban on ivory trade. Just remember, Europe is part of a huge ivory market network, so they want to protect their ivory business. But we should not allow them to continue the elephant genocide.

Europe just launched a public consultation, because of public uproar. So this is our chance to formally make our voices heard. Please tell the EU that they should stop ivory trade completely.

Suwanna Gauntlett
Suwanna GauntlettFounder and CEO