BREAKING: Today’s ceremony inaugurates a large-scale solar pumped water well for 176 families living inside the rainforest of the Cardamoms. This event highlights the importance of the Southern Cardamoms REDD+ supporting 29 villages with the sale of carbon credits.

”Ten years ago, no one would have thought that keeping the forest standing would yield financial benefits. But today, there are no longer enough forests to keep the planet cool. Therefore, the Cardamom Forest carbon credits are in big demand,” said Dr. Suwanna Gauntlett.

The ceremony was held in Kamlot village, Chi Phat commune, Thma Bang district, Koh Kong province, attended by H.E. Chuop Paris, MoE Undersecretary of State and National REDD+ Focal Point, Mr. Sok Sothy, Koh Kong Deputy Provincial Governor, Deputy District Governor of Thmar Bang, First Deputy Commune Chief of Chi Phat, community members from Chi Phat Commune, and Dr. Suwanna Gauntlett, Founder and CEO of Wildlife Alliance.
H.E. Chuop Paris said during the ceremony that the proceeds from carbon credit sales are being used to create community infrastructure and scholarships for underprivileged students to attend universities in Phnom Penh.

Mr. Men Vibol, Deputy Commune Chief of Chi Phat said ”Access to water was a huge challenge for families in Kamlot village before. Every year, villagers used to face a long struggle with water shortages. Each family would spend an average of $2.50 per day to buy drinking water. By having access to water, their quality of life will be greatly improved.”
Since 2021, the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project has constructed 43 water wells bringing water to 11 villages thus benefiting around 3,627 people. Also, roads were built, enabling access to markets and hospitals.