Tell the EU: ban ivory!

Please join me to stop the elephant slaughter. Tell the EU to issue a complete ban on ivory trade! Tell the EU: ban ivory! sign the petition 30,000 African elephants are killed per year, this is over 9 [...]

Lucky is our animal ambassador

The sight of Lucky running towards the car like an excited puppy still makes us laugh! She knows we bring her favourite treat foods and lots of pats and is always happy to see us. We thought this shot [...]

Did you know that one African elephant is killed every 15 minutes?

As we are expanding our wildlife law enforcement program to Africa, please help us continue our work there. Please donate $25 to save African elephants. Did you know that one African elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory [...]

Wildlife Alliance Collaborates with Kate Korpi Salon

Staff from Kate Korpi Salon took a wild tour at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center yesterday. Thanks Matthew Fairfax and Brianne Chappell for your support. Lucky the elephant is sure lucky to be hanging out with the Korpi team. [...]

Stop the killings of African elephants

wildlife parts African elephants are the largest mama to walk the earth. Elephants are smart mammals but not smart enough not to get killed by poachers with AK-47 riffles. Each year some 25,000 African elephants are [...]