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Home to four families of smooth coated otters and the only captive hairy nosed otter in the world, Wildlife Alliance’s Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is otter heaven! These naturally curious and playful animals require a lot of enrichment to keep them as stimulated as they would be in the wild. Our keepers are constantly coming up with new enrichment techniques, including building hammocks, floating rafts, rope balls, and scattering food on land and providing live fish in the ponds. These rescued otters are waiting until we can find suitable protected habitat in order to be released into the wild. Until then, our dedicated keepers will continue to create innovative enrichment methods to keep the otters happy. We would like to build a waterfall feature for our strongest swimmers to simulate a stream environment and make hunting a little more challenging. Fishing in the waterfall will not only keep them stimulated and make playtime even more fun, but it will also better prepare the otters for the wild should a release site become available! The waterfall will cost $3,000, and will ensure the otters live a happy and healthy life. Help us build a waterfall for our rescued otters by making a donation.

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Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests.

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