The world’s endangered species need your help today.

Some of the world’s most endangered animals, from elephants, to silvered langurs, dholes, and pangolins call Cambodia home. Today, on Endangered Species Day, it’s time for you to take action help to bring these animals back from the brink of extinction.

Here’s how you can help some of Cambodia’s Endangered species:

Save Elephants’ Home

The biggest threats to Asian elephants are habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation. Wildlife Alliance rangers directly protect one of Asia’s last remaining elephant corridors, allowing Cambodia’s elephants to survive without human-elephant conflict.

End the Pangolin Trade

Known as the most trafficked mammal in the world, pangolins are disappearing because they are poached for their meat and scales. Wildlife Alliance investigates and disrupts trade networks, apprehends traffickers, and rescues live pangolins.

Sponsor a Rescued Gibbon

Wildlife Alliance cares for nearly a hundred pileated gibbons that have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Sponsor Preah, who was kept as a pet and still bears the scars, and you will help provide care for her and the other rescued gibbons.