Prey Veng province military police and the Wildlife Alliance on Friday night conducted a raid upon a truck transporting hundreds of kilograms of illegal wildlife destined for Vietnam.

Khem Vuthyravong, a wildlife rapid rescue supervisor with Wildlife Alliance, said the NGO received a tip about the haul and asked military police to help carry out the raid in Kampong Trabek district.

“We cooperated with the provincial authority. Our operation was in the evening. We arrested the owners and detained them overnight,” he said. “In the morning, we finalised the case, confiscating the wildlife and making the two Vietnamese owners pay a fine according to the law.”

“The two owners were Vietnamese who live in Cambodia. They are husband and wife. We received the tip from our network. The wildlife were heading from Prey Veng province to Vietnam,” he added.

He identified the husband as Chea Phoeng and his wife as Nguyen Thigim.

Eng Hy, spokesman for the National Military Police, wrote on his Facebook that one mandarin duck, three wild ducks, 60 doves and 221 kilograms of snakes were seized.

According to Mr Ravong, the animals will either be taken to Tamao Zoo in Takeo province, released in the forest, or released in the Tonle Sap Lake.

Source: Khmer Times

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