Large group of wild Asian elephants

Camera Trap Footage in the Cardamom Protected Forest Remarkable camera trap footage showing a large group of wild Asian elephants

Elephants enjoying the cool weather and mud

As monsoon season hits and the rains begin to fall every day now, it is a joy to watch the elephants enjoying the cool weather and mud!!! SPONSOR AN ANIMAL VISIT [...]

Good News for Elephants: China Bans Ivory Trade

On the heels of one of Cambodia’s biggest ivory busts in history, China recently announced that it will ban the sale of ivory by the end of 2017. Following years of international pressure, this announcement will shut down the [...]

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Camera Trap Captures Rare Footage of Elephant Herd in the Southern Cardamom Mountains

For the first time ever, a herd of wild elephants were caught on camera in the Southern Cardamoms of Cambodia. While elephant sightings by locals have been on the rise since 2012, this is the first time [...]

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