Meet our keeper, Mr Nuon Piseth, or Seth as we all call him!

Seth has been working as elephant keeper with Wildlife Alliance for over 7 years, since May 1st, 2012.  He specifically looks after two of our four elephants, a boy called Sakor and a lovely lady called Chamroeun (Jamran) and also covers our tiger keeper on his days off.

What are your daily responsibilities?

– Early morning, give them both a quick health check, observing their behaviors and physical health, looking out for any problems that may need the help of our vets!

– Clean the enclosures, mucking them out

– Morning feed, plus scatter feed (30-40% of their daily 100kg/elephant food allowance), clean and refill the water troughs

– Afternoon feed (60-70%), which will mean the elephants have enough to keep them busy until nighttime. 

– Providing enrichment 

– Being on-site standby overnight to ensure the elephants’ safety (all keepers rotate this duty)

What are some challenges or concerns you have working with the elephants? 

– The boy, Sakor, is aggressive. I have to understand him. I am careful not to get too close as he is dangerous. However, it’s alright as I know him well. 

– Sakor once broke the enclosure when he was in musth!

Describe a happy time you’ve had in your job: 

Every day I’m happy just being with them, they are like my friends. I would take them home if possible (joking, of course!). 

What are your favorite animals?

The elephants and tigers, they both are very gracious and beautiful. I have lots of unforgettable memories with elephants in particular.

How did you get this job?

I first came here after school volunteering with a tiger keeper. Then, someone asked if I would be able to look after elephants. I, of course, said YES and have had this job ever since. 

What made you want to do this work?

I love animals, and want to help protect animals. I wish for illegal hunting and poaching to end. If we all love these animals, then let’s help to protect and preserve them, so the species can remain.

What is your favorite moment of the day?

I love it when they play around with each other happily, washing and playing in the pool! 

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At Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC), Wildlife Alliance cares for and rehabilitates animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

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