Starting a green business is a great way for women to provide for their families and protect their local environment, but many women lack access to training, resources, and funding that would help them get started. In 2013, the women of Sovanna Baitong banded together to take charge of their own lives and make their own contribution to the protection of their environment. They created a Women’s Committee to empower each other and advocate for gender equality.


In rural communities, women play a primary role in food production and have specific knowledge about the natural resources they depend upon for providing for their families. Yet, when it comes to decision making and policy change, women are consistently underrepresented. Strategies to promote sustainable resource management continue to marginalize the role women play on the environment.


The Committee aims to improve the lives of women by providing leadership training and promoting entrepreneurial initiatives that will lead to financial independence. During their meetings they learn valuable lessons in budgeting, business management, and women’s health and rights. These women also have the opportunity to apply for micro-loans that allow them to expand their businesses, and hire and employ more women.

Long-Term Impact

When women are empowered, the pool of people committed to resource conservation is enlarged, children are raised with a conservation ethic, and a sustainable green economy can be fully realized. Help us raise $1,000 to support the Women’s Committee in Sovanna Baitong! Your gift will help the women start green businesses, increase their earning power and give them a voice in the community.