While Cambodia is in the epicenter of the Indo-burma biodiversity hotspot, its wildlife is under threat. The Kouprey Express (KE), Wildlife Alliance’s environmental education program, aims to raise awareness and cultivate a culture of conservation throughout Cambodia. They travel throughout the country to engage and educate students and communities about their country’s incredible wildlife. In May, in collaboration with the US Embassy, the KE team traveled to the ESL Excellence School in Prey Veng province to promote wildlife and environmental conservation through lessons and games. To compliment the classroom lessons, the KE team also brought the students to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center where rescued wildlife is cared for, rehabilitated, and often prepared for release back into the wild. After learning about the threats facing Cambodia’s wildlife and then meeting rescued animals first hand, the students were very inspired to protect their country’s wildlife and forests for generations to come.

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Wildlife Alliance created Cambodia’s only mobile environmental education unit, the Kouprey Express (KE), in 2005. The KE does not just raise awareness or educate people on the value of conservation and biodiversity protection; it fosters positive behavioral changes towards environmental sustainability and actively encourages children and adults to be front line defenders of their natural resources.

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