Hearing the word forest, one quickly visualizes green, tall trees, birds chirping, wildlife sounds echoing, trekking, and breathing fresh air.

Wildlife Alliance in collaboration with Murals for Cambodia (MFC) organized an opening of “Cardamoms Forever – An Exhibition” to promote protecting and preserving the last standing Forest in Southeast Asia present only in Cambodia – our Cardamom Mountains.

During the opening event, we had many University students, and professors, who loved the landscapes, sunrises-sunsets and forests that are in the Cardamoms. These students showed great excitement while visiting the exhibition.

Ms. Ton Sopheak, one of the University students said, “For me personally as a veterinarian, I am interested in the protection of wildlife primarily, along with the forest. We as a young generation can help spread information to our brothers and sisters to better understand the benefits of forests and wildlife in our country.”

“As part of the young generation, I would like to see more and more people being involved in the protection of the forest and wildlife. We all have to do this together before the extinction so that our next generation will be able to see these endangered species and the forest wealth,” she added.

According to Dim Cannan, a teacher and researcher at Royal University of Agriculture said that he enjoyed his trip last year to the Cardamoms organized by Wildlife Alliance. “I was instantly attracted to the beauty of natural resources. The trip was a great opportunity for our faculty as well as students to see first hand the dense forest. Many of us did not know about this part of Cambodia. We got to learn so much about forest and wildlife conservation. This biodiversity helps to prevent the climate crisis.”

“The ‘Cardamoms Forever – An Exhibition’ is very important as a reminder to students, young people and citizens to understand not to lose sight of the importance and diversity of natural resources, Dim Cannan concluded.

Paul Sweeting, one of the guests who visited the exhibition commented, “This photo exhibition has inspired me to organize a trip to the Cardamoms.”

Pauline and Garance said, “Great exhibition. It shows parts of Cambodia I didn’t know. I especially enjoyed the pictures showing local communities.”

This photo exhibition showcases the raw photos, breathtaking views of the Cardamom Mountains, wildlife thriving, and the people living surrounding and protecting it. As most of the local people are unaware of this natural treasure that Cambodia holds, Wildlife Alliance through this exhibition hopes to educate everyone about the importance of protecting the Cardamom Forest and wildlife.

As Wildlife Alliance is all set to re-introduce wild Tigers in the heart of Cardamom Forest, this exhibition helps to promote and preserve the forest and Wildlife in it, especially the Tigers that will be re-introduced, educate everyone about the importance of Tigers in wild habitat—no-poaching and snaring of wildlife.

Forest, Wildlife, and Humans can co-exist and live in harmony. We need to work hard to achieve it.