In early 2021, our mobile education unit, Kouprey Express traveled to southwestern Koh Kong province, the home of the Cardamom rainforest. There, the team spoke to high school students about the forest and wildlife in their backyard. The students talked about the importance of environmental protection of their natural heritage for mitigating against climate impacts, including global heating, and for attracting ecotourism.

The Kouprey Express team teaches students at Chi Phat High School about the protection of species, including freshwater turtles.

Mobile Environmental Education

Wildlife Alliance created Cambodia’s only mobile environmental education unit, the Kouprey Express (KE), in 2005. The KE does not just raise awareness or educate people on the value of conservation and biodiversity protection; it fosters positive behavioral changes towards environmental sustainability and actively encourages children and adults to be front line defenders of their natural resources.

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