The real cost of Cambodia’s illegal pet trade

A pileated gibbon that was rescued by the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team last September is handed over to the team at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center. The gibbon was founded chained by the neck after likely being kept as a pet. Owning an exotic animal isn’t an option in many countries. The combination of strong legislation and effective law enforcement makes it almost impossible to own any animal more ‘exotic’ than a cat or a dog. In [...]

An update from Angkor…

It has been some time since our last update about the gibbons that we released into the Angkor Temple Complex in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Luckily our released gibbons are all doing well, with no interference required from our end, we do hope to see this continue this year. Times have certainly changed very rapidly in 2020, with tourist numbers already seemingly low in the country and at Angkor this high season and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the [...]

The community protecting the world’s rarest wild cattle

It’s an odd sight; small forest-covered hills that emerge from the flat farmland that dominates rural Cambodia. Why a rural community has gone to great lengths to protect the 10km2 forest goes further than just preserving what little forest remains. For the last 17 years, the local community have established a voluntary ranger team to protect one of the few remaining sub-populations of banteng, Bos javanicus, the world’s rarest species of wild cattle. Through their hard work, they have [...]

COVID-19 and our wildlife tours

In an effort to protect our staff, supporters, and wildlife we have decided to temporarily stop our wildlife tours. These include our Behind the Scenes tours and Elephant Keeper For a Day experiences at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center and overnight stays at the Wildlife Release Station. We will not be conducting any tours until at least April 4th but as the situation continues to rapidly evolve, our plans may change. If they do, we will let you know. [...]

Statement re: Filming of wild Cambodian macaques

As you may be aware, there are suspicions that there are many videographers, or ‘VOs’, filming wild Cambodian macaques for profit, who also interfere with the animals to ensure they have filming opportunities. We know that often these interferences are of a cruel nature, such as causing or faking the death of a mother to ensure there is an orphan to film. A recent trend has been to hurt the macaques or otherwise put them in dramatic situations and [...]

Wildlife Alliance launches #StopEatingWildlife campaign

The #StopEatingWildlife campaign This World Wildlife Day, Wildlife Alliance is launching the #StopEatingWildlife social media campaign. The campaign aims to fight the supply, demand, and consumption of wildlife meat by making consumers more aware of the health risks of eating wildlife and how the trade supports the brutal snaring crisis. The health risks of eating wildlife It’s estimated that three-quarters of new diseases in humans are transmitted from animals, also known as zoonotic diseases. The trade and consumption of [...]

Major shipment of suspected lion bones opened

A smuggled shipment of 281 kg of suspected lion bones was opened today that were seized in Cambodia last year after being shipped from South Africa. Two Vietnamese nationals who claimed ownership of the shipment are in jail and being investigated by the Cambodian customs.  Cambodia is a well known transit country in the illegal wildlife trade for products heading to Vietnam and China. It is suspected that the lion bones were intended to be transported to Vietnam where [...]

Volunteers cleanup Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

On Sunday 16th of February 36 volunteers, predominantly young Khmer students, from Volunteer Nation gave up their Sunday to help us at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center with our first ever rubbish clean up. Rubbish/litter is a constant battle at Phnom Tamao. With minimal grounds crew, an open landfill, high levels of plastic consumption and wild animals to contend with we have been looking into solutions for a number of years. In early 2019 we met with Jamie from The [...]

World Pangolin Day 2020

Join us in celebrating World Pangolin Day this February 15! What is a pangolin? If you’ve never seen one before, you might be shocked to know that they even exist. Yes, it’s the pangolin...And it wouldn’t be unfair to them to call them both strange and unique at the same time. Pangolins are actually the only mammals with scales, made from keratin (the same material as our nails and hair). The name pangolin is also [...]

Huge quantities of wildlife meat seized

Last month, more than 330 kg of wildlife meat was seized from 3 restaurants in Koh Kong province by Wildlife Alliances’s Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT), in collaboration with our rangers from Sre Ambel and Tropeang Rung stations. The meat, that was found to be from wild pig, red muntjacs, monitor lizards, and porcupines, was all destroyed immediately after the raids. Wildlife consumption is a significant threat to Cambodia’s wildlife, with poachers using either barbaric snares or homemade guns [...]