Released leopard cat continues to thrive in the wild

The female leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) we released from our Wildlife Release Station in December was spotted one late afternoon near a guest chalet. Rescued as a kitten from the illegal pet trade, she is thriving in her new life in the wild. The WRS keepers continue to track her with a tracking collar but it is always a rare treat to see her. WILDLIFE RELEASE STATION BOOK A TOUR NOW [...]

Phnom Penh Ivory Shop Owner Arrested

Last month, with information from an informant, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (Cambodia’s multi-agency wildlife law enforcement unit which is run with technical and financial support from Wildlife Alliance) investigated an ivory carving shop in Phnom Penh. The WRRT, accompanied by local police, local Forestry Administration officials, and the Deputy Prosecutor of Phnom Penh Court, raided the suspects home and found 8 kg (17.6 lbs) of ivory, 5.7 kg (12.6 lbs) of wild pig tusks, one wild pig skull, [...]

Saving the rainforest

Rainforests are disappearing very quickly. Law Enforcement is one of the most immediate and effective methods of slowing deforestation rates. Enforcement from Wildlife Alliance rangers combined with teaching communities about the importance of the environment and how they can help save rainforests is crucial to preserving vital rainforests. While on patrol, rangers from Asian Elephant Station (Trapeang Rung) arrested one man for illegal logging. The offender was brought to Koh Kong court, prosecuted, and sentenced to jail. Rainforests are often called [...]

Silver Langur baby saved by Wildlife Alliance forest guards

Wildlife Alliance rangers rescued an infant Silver Langur (Trachypithecus germaini) and a turtle from poachers. The rangers immediately released the turtle back into the protected habitat but the young langur, separated from its mother by poachers, was too young and not able to be released. All silvered langur infants are born with bright orange pelage that changes to a grey color within 3-5 months after birth. The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team picked up the langur from the ranger station and [...]

Meet Micah the rescued sun bear

In June of 2018, we received a young Sun Bear cub from Stung Treng province after he was donated to another NGO, Birdlife International, by a villager. Given he was only approximately 4 months old, we immediately transferred Micah to our Wildlife Release Station in the Cardamom Mountains to give him the best chance of being released back into the wild. Micah still required milk formula when he arrived at WRS but the staff has started introducing him to [...]

What is the real cost of Kopi Luwak coffee? VIDEO

What is the real cost of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world? Luckily, Wildlife Alliance rangers found this civet before poachers sold it to coffee producers. Many other civets are not so lucky Kopi Luwak coffee is made from digested coffee cherries in civets’ excrement. Producers justify the high price of the coffee by claiming the poo is rare & collected from the forest In reality, civets are live captured by poachers and sold to coffee [...]

Camping deep in the forest to catch hunters and loggers

Wildlife Alliance rangers go on daily patrols and often spend days at a time camping deep in the forest to catch hunters and loggers. Our rangers spend over 3.5 weeks a month away from their families, fully dedicating themselves to stopping deforestation, dismantling wildlife snares, and often catching poachers and loggers in the act. Sponsor a Ranger Station Wildlife Alliance rangers are collecting thousands of animal traps every year. [...]

Kouprey Express February Activities

In February, the KE conducted three trips to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC). On February 1st, the KE team led teachers and students from New Hope of Cambodian Children, an NGO in Kampong Speu province around PTWRC following their classroom wildlife lessons they had the day prior. On February 22nd and 24th, the KE team conducted PTWRC trips with teachers and students from primary schools of Chhnok True, Seslab, Chambak Rangsey, Yukunthor, and Punley in Kampong Chhnang. This [...]

Lucky, Asian Elephant, Shows at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

Statement from Nick Marx, Director of Wildlife Programs The Forestry Administration has instructed the implementation of elephant shows at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC), which officials feel will be an attraction, encouraging people to visit, in preference to the newly implemented Safari World, which is closer to Phnom Penh.  I feel it is important that I explain my reasons for agreeing to this…aside from the fact that Lucky quite enjoys performing – she likes showing off and receives [...]

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Henry Golding, about Kopi Luwak coffee victims

Henry Ewan Golding (born 5 February 1987) is a British-Malaysian actor, model and television host who has been a presenter on BBC's The Travel Show since 2014. He is best known for his role as Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians and Sean Townsend in Paul Feig's thriller A Simple Favor (both in 2018). Wikipedia Henry Golding, about Kopi Luwak coffee victims Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee, has become an international sensation. This exotic coffee sells for $30-$100 per cup and $100-$600 per pound. Retailers of this [...]

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