The trials and tribulations of animal enrichment

Enrichment is defined as ‘the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something’ or, in the context of caring for animals, ‘providing species-appropriate challenges, opportunities and stimulation...including the regular provision of dynamic environments, cognitive challenges and social opportunities’.  Whilst enrichment that encourages the development of natural behaviours is imperative for any individual who plans to be released back into the wild, it is just as important for those individuals that may be permanently injured and with [...]

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Monster’s Nursery Update Number 4!

For those that have not seen my previous posts, my name is Monster - just like Frankenstein’s monster -not a scary one! I will be reporting to you twice a month about the activities at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center Nursery! I am a northern pig-tailed macaque and was actually born at Phnom Tamao, but shortly after I was born my father attacked me. He caused injuries to my arms, legs and head including irreparably damaging my left [...]

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Gibbons released into Angkor wat

As part of an ambitious rewilding project in the forest surrounding the iconic Angkor Wat, a pair of Endangered pileated gibbons was released last week by APSARA, the Forestry Administration (FA), and conservation NGO Wildlife Alliance. This is the third pair of pileated gibbons that have been successfully released into the forest since the project started in 2013. Cambodia is the world stronghold for the pileated gibbon, but habitat destruction and capture for the illegal wildlife trade jeopardizes the [...]

Rangers ambush truck carrying illegal timber

Yesterday, Wildlife Alliance rangers from Osom and Roveang stations, in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, ambushed a truck carrying an inordinate amount of illegal timber. The truck that was carrying a enormous 19m3 of illegal timber, or 670 cubic feet, was seized at night on a road near the station. The ambush was carried out based on prior information given to the rangers. The timber was mostly likely being transported to a major urban center to be sold [...]

Monster’s Nursery Update Number 3!

This past 2 weeks have been busy with lots of moves in the nursery, I could barely keep up! I hope this update makes sense! The 3 infant macaques have been weaned and grown enough to move up into a bigger enclosure. This has scared them a little but they will get used to it soon enough and start to climb like me!  Unfortunately, the smallest of the 6 silvered langurs was too weak to recover from the inadequate [...]

Almost 400 birds confiscated in raid

Wildlife Alliance’s Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) recently confiscated almost 400 birds being sold along National Road 5 in Kampong Chhnang Province. A shocking 365 dead weaver birds were found in the raids, along with 4 dead spotted doves (Spilopelia chinensis) and 5 dead red collared doves (Streptopelia tranquebarica). A further 22 red collared doves were found alive and were released by WRRT back into the wild. Wildlife is commonly sold along the national road that connects the capital [...]

5 ways you can help save rainforests in Asia

It’s too easy to get caught up in the bigger picture, thinking our actions as individuals do not have a role to play in helping to protect entire ecosystems, especially as large and complex as rainforests. Collectively though, our actions matter and everything we do has an impact on the world around us. This #WorldRainforestDay, here’s 5 small ways you can help save rainforests in Asia: 1. Visit a rainforest in Asia (responsibly) Travel might be difficult at [...]

Meet Seth, one of our elephant keepers!

Meet our keeper, Mr Nuon Piseth, or Seth as we all call him! Seth has been working as elephant keeper with Wildlife Alliance for over 7 years, since May 1st, 2012.  He specifically looks after two of our four elephants, a boy called Sakor and a lovely lady called Chamroeun (Jamran) and also covers our tiger keeper on his days off. What are your daily responsibilities? - Early morning, give them both a quick health check, observing their behaviors and [...]

How a rainforest in Asia supplied the world’s ecstasy

Rangers stand by a destroyed safrole oil factory after a raid in 2009. It’s 2009 and Wildlife Alliance rangers are patrolling deep in the Cardamom Mountains rainforest to destroy enough of the key ingredient in ecstasy to disrupt supplies to the UK illegal drug market. At one stage, Cambodia’s famous Cardamom Mountains were at the epicenter of global ecstasy production. Despite this, it didn’t take long before a series of major crackdowns led to the war on ecstasy [...]

Monster’s Nursery Update Number 2!

The nursery is still very much bustling with babies! I am happy to say that the team has been working hard to release any animals that have grown strong enough to venture into the wild, including a beautiful spotted wood owl! She came to us a few weeks ago from the illegal pet trade, not yet having gotten it’s adult feathers, the keepers fed her and cared for her until she was big enough to go her own way [...]

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