Illegal timber transportation caught on camera

GPDS (Global Park Defence System) respond to an trail camera alert 02:24 AM. The rangers intercepted the motorbike carrying 0.7 m3 Troset. Troset (non luxury timber) is used mainly for furniture. Ministry of Environment officers fined the driver with 1,500,000.00 Riel the equivalent of 375 US dollars. Global Park Defense System (GPDS) team, funded by Jeff Morgan (Global Conservation), is a specialized ranger unit that uses technology to bolster conservation. The ranger unit utilizes trail cameras [...]

Anti-Poaching – the silent war

From the eyes of a poacher, hunting wildlife by snares is cheap, easy, and nearly impossible to get caught. They can set hundreds of traps in a day, leave for a few days, and come back to see discover their prizes. However, snares are one of the most detrimental and least sustainable forms hunting. With forest floors littered with snares, any animal can get caught and it is a slow and torturous death. As the animal struggles, the snare [...]

Critically endangered pangolin pup born at release station!

In September the keepers at our Wildlife Release Station were delighted to discover that resident pangolin, Lucy, had given birth! Lucy was rescued after losing a front and hind foot in a poacher’s snare. Thankfully, she has recovered and avoided being added to the statistic that over a million pangolins have been illegally traded in the last decade – resulting in them being the most trafficked mammal on earth. While Lucy has stayed under the watchful care of her [...]

Luxury Timber logging Cambodia

Luxury timber is confiscated by Wildlife Alliance rangers patrolling the Cardamom Rainforest. The massive demand for luxury timber furniture from Thnung across South-East Asia is driving the illegal logging in these forests. The effective way to deter this is to put boots on the ground and make sure the illegal loggers are caught and the timber they have is confiscated and stored in a well-guarded Ranger Station storage. [...]

The rangers saved an Asiatic softshell turtle

Rangers from the Green Peafowl Station saved an Asiatic softshell turtle from the illegal wildlife trade. While on patrol, the team intercepted a motorbike close to Sre Ambel village. Upon seeing the Wildlife Alliance rangers, the driver dropped the bag he was carrying, ditched his bike, and ran into the forest. When the rangers picked up the bag, they found a softshell turtle inside. Asiatic softshell turtles are being exploited throughout its range for food. As the trade for this species [...]

Illegal chainsaws used for logging out of the forest

While on a long patrol, rangers from the Pangolin Ranger Station confiscated three chainsaws used in illegal logging inside a protected National Park. One of Wildlife Alliance’s original stations (est. 2002), the Pangolin Station (Stung Proat station) was established to combat rampant wildlife poaching. Located near the village of Chi Phat, an ex-hunting community turned Community-Based Ecotourism program, the area was littered with snares and bombarded with hunters. Although poaching has lessened due to 15+ years of ranger presence and the alternative livelihoods [...]

Rescued elephant, Chhouk, receives a new prosthetic foot

Chhouk, our young disabled male elephant, was recently fitted for a new prosthetic foot. We have been working with The Cambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (CSPO) for over 10 years now and they continue to work hard to provide Chhouk with the most innovative shoes around! This new model is 2-3kgs lighter than his previous shoes! The new shoe quickly got Chhouk’s approval and he was running around his enclosure within minutes of trying on the new shoe! [...]

Pangolin rescued from restaurant prepared for return to the wild!

One evening in April, Wildlife Alliance received a call from animal advocate and rescuer Yulia Khouri of Animal Mama. A Critically Endangered Sunda pangolin had just been brought to her veterinary offices after being rescued from a Chinese restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The wild animal arrived in critical condition and was immediately given oxygen and fluids at the vet clinic. Pangolins are notoriously difficult to care for due to their strict diet of ants and termites – food [...]

Excavator confiscated for clearing state forest

September 15, 2018 Wildlife Alliance rangers from the Green Peafowl Station (Sre Ambel) seized an excavator and a bulldozer that was being used to clear forest bordering the Southern Cardamom National Park. The area is under Forestry Administration protection but Wildlife Alliance rangers intervened to stop the forest destruction. Cambodia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry Administration submitted the case for Land Encroachment at the Sihanoukville Court. Two men were arrested and sentenced to prison. The excavator and the bulldozer were confiscated as state property. Wildlife Alliance protects [...]

Rangers free bird from hunter’s snare

On October 17, rangers from the Sun Bear (Veal Pi) Station rescued an Asian koel from a hunter’s bird net. These plastic “walls of death” indiscriminately trap not only many bird species, but also mammals including pangolins, civets, boars, and ungulates. The Asian koel, a member of the cuckoo family, is a relatively common species. However, exploitation, coupled with deforestation, is the greatest threat facing many bird species in tropical Southeast Asia – a region experiencing an extinction crisis. [...]

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