Press conference, August 10, 2016:  On World Elephant Day (12th August) conservation non-profit organization Wildlife Alliance celebrates its achievement of Zero Poaching for the Asian elephant population of the Cardamom Rainforest in the last decade.


In the early 2000s the Cardamom Rainforest was an elephant and tiger poaching hotspot – between 2000 and in 2006, 37 wild Asian elephants were poached in the Cardamoms. In a response to this poaching crisis Wildlife Alliance has been supporting the Royal Government of Cambodia in 2002 with effective patrolling and law enforcement across the landscape. Since 2006, over 24,000 multi-agency law enforcement patrols have removed more than 140,000 snares and sent 300 offenders to court. For more details, read our press release in English and Khmer.