WRRT rescues a sun bear missing a paw

Our Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) have managed to rescue a badly injured sun bear cub, missing a paw, in Steung Treng province, in the northeast of Cambodia. After receiving a tip off, they left yesterday evening and drove all [...]

Snares, the silent killer

Snares are one of the simplest but most effective hunting techniques practiced in the tropics and home-made wire or cable snares are the predominant form of hunting across large areas of Southeast Asia. The equipment involved is affordable and [...]

Snares are lethal weapons

Snares are lethal weapons that trap and kill animals. These [...]

Empty Forest Syndrome – A Hauntingly Quiet Crisis

Tropical rainforests are some of the most species-rich ecosystems in the world and yet, many forests across Southeast Asia are devoid of the wildlife that once thrived there. Although deforestation is a problem in the region, there are still [...]

Wildlife Alliance Rangers Dismantled 93 Snares

Our rangers dismantled 93 snares so that wild animals would not be trapped in them. During their patrol, they also witnessed the death of four birds that were entangled in the nets put out by hunters.

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