Elephant Monitoring

Monitoring and collecting data about elephant movement in the Cardamom Forests is an important part of Wildlife Alliance Rangers roles.  Over the longer term, tracking data helps build knowledge of elephant ranging behavior. This information is key to preserving habitat and [...]

Elephant Appreciation Day September 22

On September 22nd we celebrate #elephantappreciationday Created in 1996 by Mission Media, a graphics and publishing company, the day’s origins are largely based on owner Wayne Hepburn’s personal fascination with elephants. His interest, in turn, began when he received [...]

One ‘Lucky’ Elephant

Lucky: a fitting name for the young female elephant who has made a full recovery from her brush with death at the beginning of last year. In February 2015, Lucky contracted Endotheliotropic Elephant Herpes Virus, a virus fatal to [...]

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