Do you enjoy civet poop coffee?

Another civet was found dead in snares While on patrol, the Siamese Crocodile Station (Chhay Areng) rangers found a dead civet trapped in a snare. On the same day, the rangers collected 23 other snares from the forest. Snares are [...]

Snares are lethal weapons that trap and kill animals

While on patrol, Siamese Crocodile station (Chhay Areng) dismantle 40 animals traps from the forest floor. A simple brake cable for motorbikes can kill a tiger, a bear, even a young elephant in Southeast Asia. Local hunters use these [...]

Logging: cutting down wildlife habitats

One chainsaw can clear-cut in one day around 1000 square feet of evergreen forest.  Every year the Wildlife Alliance rangers are confiscated more than 600 chainsaws, eight square miles of forest is saved every year. The equivalent of 26 baseball fields. Chainsaws [...]

Critically endangered pangolin saved by rangers

Siamese Crocodile station (Chhay Areng) patrol unit went on night patrol deep in the heart of the Cardamom Mountain. The rangers found an abandoned camp and one critically endangered pangolin hidden in a plastic bag. The hunter's camp was dismantled, the [...]

Hunting the poachers

Siamese Crocodile station - Chhay Areng Wildlife Alliance manages 8 ranger stations with an average of 8,000 of patrols covering 119,552 km each year. These rangers have the responsibility of arresting poachers and loggers inside protected forest. The constant [...]

Little wild pigs ? rescued by our team – VIDEO

Siamese Crocodile Station rescued 4 wild pigs ? from nets. Wildlife Alliance  rangers are collecting thousands of meters of nets every year. Please support our work: Sponsor a Ranger Station  SPONSOR A RANGER STATION [...]

Grieve the death of a Wild Animal?

December 12, 2017 - Chhay Areng Patrol Station In the morning, the head ranger Robod Mitya reported an injured Civet that urgently needs care after being snared. Unfortunately the animal died on the ranger's hands on the way to Phnom Tamao Wildlife [...]

Wildlife Alliance Rangers discovered precious timber stock

3 Stations, 28 WA Rangers, 2 tonnes of RosewoodLast night, Chhay Areng Rangers Station discovered one tonne of rosewood hidden underground. Because nobody claimed  the illegal timber the MoE Officers started an investigation in order to identify the owner. The Rowswood [...]

Wildlife Alliance Provides Medical Treatments Farming Families

Chhay Areng, Koh Kong: For years, Hor Gneth, 48, suffered from poor vision and she did not know why or know of any remedy. As a farmer, her blurry vision limits her agriculture activities on her farm land and prevents [...]

Wildlife Alliance provides medical treatments farming families

Wildlife Alliance provides medical treatments farming families in Cambodia's most remote area --Chhay Areng. Mr. Tal Korng, 53, is one them. After his eye surgery four months ago he is able to see his Buffaloes from a distance --without losing [...]