Go behind-the-scenes of our Wildlife Rescue Center

You will meet animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, including Chhouk, the elephant with a prosthesis and his best friend Lucky!  Feed rescued animals and talk to our expert staff.  For booking››

Spend a Night at our Wildlife Release Station

This new tour gives visitors an exclusive opportunity to see wildlife conservation firsthand, and experience Cambodia’s unique natural heritage. Book tour today››

Be a ranger for a day in the Cardamom Mountains

Go an exciting adventure while making a difference!  Help rangers remove hunter snares, stop forest clearings, look for rare animals, and protect the forest, while experiencing breathtaking views of the South West Elephant Corridor. Book now ››

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this cub is looking for its mama bear

Follow Wildlife Alliance founder and CEO Suwanna Gauntlett on social media. For the last two decades, she has risked her life on the frontline of conservation and has saved species from the brink of extinction including Cambodia's last tiger in the video.

Sia and Survivor Finalist Support Wildlife Alliance!

On the finale of Season 32 of Survivor, singer/songwriter, Sia, crashed the show to tell her favorite contestant, Tai Trang, that she will donate $50,000 to an animal charity of his choice.  That charity turned out to be Wildlife Alliance! Read more ››