Luxury timber dealer sentenced to prison

On December 06, 2018  a truck forced its way through a mandatory Wildlife Alliance check point. The truck driver didn’t stop for Ministry Of Environment officers, forced trough their barrier and disappeared inside a private house. While the  house was [...]

Luxury timber hidden under water

2.17 m3 of luxury timber was found and confiscated by our rangers from Sre Ambel Patrol Station. The main markets for luxury timber are in China, Thailand and Vietnam. In the last couple of years, the price exploded from $1,500USD to [...]

He abandoned the car to avoid prison

October 29, 2017 - 2.30 AM Last night, Wildlife Alliance Rangers from Trapeang Rung Station were on a night ambush on "Youri Sakor" in Koh Kong. "It was around 2.30 AM" Said Thet Nop the head Ranger  of Trapeang Rung [...]

Precious timber stock discovered by Wildlife Alliance Rangers

Last night, September 21, in the middle of Pchum Ben ("Ancestors' Day") major holiday in Cambodia, Sre Ambel Wildlife Alliance Rangers discovered 1 m³ of thnoung timber hidden in the river.The action was conducted by the head rangers Volodymyr Mox after a [...]

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