The rangers ambushed a truck transporting illegal timber

Green Peafowl Station (Sre Ambel) rangers ambushed a truck transporting 10 pieces (6.450 m3) of “Marench” timber illegally cut from protected forest. Volodymyr Mox, head ranger of Sre Ambel Station, had clear information about the illegal transport and worked in [...]

Trapeang Rung Patrol Station – 100 kg of Rosewood

November 28, 2017 - Trapeang Rung Patrol Station / Domnak Kbon, Ury Sakor road. Last night our teams organized a night ambush on Ury Sakor road in Koh Kong. At the view of the rangers, one person abandoned his [...]

He abandoned the car to avoid prison

October 29, 2017 - 2.30 AM Last night, Wildlife Alliance Rangers from Trapeang Rung Station were on a night ambush on "Youri Sakor" in Koh Kong. "It was around 2.30 AM" Said Thet Nop the head Ranger  of Trapeang Rung [...]

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