Photo by Peter Yuen

The great hornbill is one of the largest members of the hornbill family. They can weigh up to 7 pounds and reach up to 3.5 feet in length. Their unique casques are thought to help amplify their loud calls. Found in South and Southeast Asia, they primarily feed on fruit and help in rainforest seed dispersal. 

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Meet Moh Tom

sponsor a great hornbill Sponsor a Great Hornbill hornbil2Moh Tom was rescued from a trader by rangers at the Stung Proat Station as a juvenile and was found with his feathers plucked. Thanks to our attentive staff, he is slowly recovering and is growing into a beautiful adult hornbill. Despite his size and strength, Moh Tom is a gentle giant and enjoys being hand-fed while the keepers check his feathers each day.

We hope that his feathers will grow in correctly, so that he may one day be able to fly. Hornbills do better at our Wildlife Release Station in Koh Kong to acclimate for possible release.


3 Ways You Can Help Great Hornbills

  1. Through outreach and education, Wildlife Alliance is working to raise awareness about the threats facing this unique species. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help us raise awareness about the harmful effects of the exotic pet trade.
  2. Help save critical hornbill habitat by making a donation our Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program.
  3. Make a Sponsorship! Your gift will help care for rescued and victimized animals.