Wild animals in Cambodia are classified as state property, and to trade in them is illegal. Wildlife include all wild birds, mammals and reptiles of Cambodia.

To report wildlife crimes or wild animals in danger:

1) Call 012 500 094 in all instances.

2) Send us a message with picture if you can.

3) Include location in your post and a Google Map location if you can.

4) Include the types and number of animals if you know them.

5) Feel free to share posts found on Facebook that you think might show recent wildlife crime in Cambodia if no action has been taken.

Feel free to report on:
– Wild animals being kept as pets in private homes, villages, pagodas, hotels, restaurants or other businesses.
– Wild animals for sale as pets at markets or pet shops.
– Wild animals displayed as tourist attractions or kept in unregistered zoos.
– Wild animals or animal parts used in traditional practices or medicines.
– Souvenirs made from wild animal parts.
– Bushmeat or wild animal meat on restaurant menus.
– Wild animals that have been injured, malnourished or mistreated in any way.
– Poaching activities of any kind.

Your report will be examined by a number of volunteer wildlife experts from different conservation organizations. Whenever possible reports will be forwarded to the relevant wildlife protection agency. You can share your post publicly on on our page, or privately through a private message. Private messages will be treated confidentially and we will protect your identity.

Please note that we encourage all reports. If you are unsure which animals are protected under Cambodian law please post your report anyway. We will investigate it for you, and all the information gathered will help us gain a better understanding of legal and illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia and can help us build public awareness to stop this problem.

Please read our FAQ, CONTACT INFO, or REPORTING GUIDELINES for additional information on reporting, wildlife trade and conservation organization contact information.