Trapeang Rung Patrol Station – December 07, 2017

Cambodian mangrove swamps are unique compared to other terrestrial and freshwater habitats. Mangrove forests provide vital homes not only for local species, but also for long-distance visitors that arrive during the winter migration. The bird season intensifies our work in coastal areas in preventing bird trapping.

Trapeang Rung Patrol Station targeted an area known for bird trapping. The offenders are installing the nets night time and take them off in the morning to avoid being caught.  They install the traps on polls and they use a homemade system sound to attract the birds into their nets.

In order to capture and dismantle the nets the rangers started the operation at 2AM.

4,600 m² of bird net were dismantled and confiscated, 5 sound system and 8 birds were released back into the wild.

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Snares removed from the forest floor.
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