The Global Park Defense System (GPDS) team, funded by Jeff Morgan (Global Conservation), is a specialized ranger unit that uses technology to bolster conservation. The ranger unit utilizes trail cameras in the forest that send pictures and videos to the rangers in real-time, to monitor and intercept illegal activities inside the protected area.

GPDS Anti-Poaching unit Cambodia

Global Conservation is deploying new technologies including command and control, cellular trailcams, aerial surveillance and targeted ranger patrols for increasing the effectiveness of forest and wildlife protection.

The trail cameras are installed in strategic places in order to monitor any intrusion inside the GPDS protected area. Metal boxes are built to protect the cameras and a secure lock allows the rangers to change the position of the cameras if necessary.

GPDS Anti-Poaching unit – Trail camera Receiver installation

GPDS Anti-Poaching unit – Trail camera installation

GPDS Anti-Poaching unit – Trail camera installed on main access going in and out of the protected area.

GPDS Anti-Poaching unit – Trail camera installed on the river to monitor the traffic


Due to the trail-cameras working in real-time and the rangers’ fast intervention, 80% of offenders were caught before they have even had a chance to poach wildlife or illegally cut trees.

The team intercepted two offenders heading toward the GPDS protected area carrying a home-made gun, black gun powder, 26 bullets, and two chainsaws. The two men were arrested and sentenced to prison.

The rangers intercepted a boat with two people carrying luxury timber (3.2 m3) hidden under a pile of construction timber. The men were jailed for illegal luxury timber transportation. 

The rangers collected a poacher’s bag and found a Critically Endangered pangolin (4.5kg), 27 turtles (30kg), and five soft-shell turtles (12kg).

Three loggers were caught due to a camera alert. The team’s fast reaction led to the arrest of three loggers cutting and carrying chainsaws inside the protected area.

GPDS Rangers in action – VIDEO

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Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests.

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