Phnom Tnout Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Alliance intervention UPDATES

May 16, 2018 - Phnom Tnout Wildlife Sanctuary   The teams raided 2 villages situated inside the Phnom Tnout Wildlife Sanctuary and confiscated 3 chainsaws, 2 home made guns, 2 sets of equipment used for electric fishing, and 220 animal snares. Because the villagers decide to cooperate [...]

SCFPP – Law Enforcement Manager recognized the dedicated senior rangers with tenure of over 13 years

Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program (SCFPP) - Law Enforcement Manager, Eduard Lefter, recognized the dedicated senior rangers with tenure of over 13 years, for their service fighting against land encroachment, forest and wildlife crime. The Royal Gendarmerie and Ministry [...]

Cardamom Elephants: Monitoring and data collection meeting

Cardamom Rainforest Protection Landscape Program The Southern Cardamom Forest Protection Program Manager, Mr. Eduard Lefter, held a meeting in Sre Ambel Patrol station to implement the new strategy in monitoring and collecting data about elephant movement in the Cardamom Forests. Monitoring and [...]

Ranger Training session in Kampong Thom by Wildlife Alliance

We were honored to be chosen by Winrock International to assist in the implementation of USAID Cambodia’s Supporting Forests and Biodiversity Project (SFB). We delivered last week the second ranger training session in Kampong Thom as part of the three-month program for the Prey Lang [...]

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