The world's most trafficked mammal - Pangolin

Pangolins are infamously the world's most trafficked mammal species and it is estimated more than 1 million individuals have been illegally trafficked in the past 10 years. One pangolin species - Sunda pangolin Manis javanica - occurs in Cambodia and, given presumed massive declines due to the illegal wildlife trade, the species is classified by the IUCN as Critically Endangered. However little is known about Sunda pangolin in the wild in Cambodia and there are few recent records. This, albeit blurry, camera-trap video from the remote Cardamom Rainforest Landscape show Sunda pangolin in the wild. Stunningly the video shows a young pangolin cub ridding on its mother's tail. Pangolin pups are carried on their mother's tail for three months, and remain with them for five months until they are strong enough to live alone. By focusing on Direct Protection of Forests and Wildlife and patrolling the remote mountains of the Cardamom Rainforest Wildlife Alliance is dedicated to ensuring pangolins survive in these forests for many generations into the future.