Major Duck Trader Arrested - 85 Whistling Ducks Rescued

On Tuesday, January 26, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team rescued 85 whistling ducks from a prominent trader in Tbong Khmum Province, Cambodia. This prominent wildlife trafficker has been under investigation by the team for some time, and is known to supply wildlife to Vietnam.

After getting a warrant to search the premises of her house, the team found 85 whistling ducks. Valued at $25 each, she has been fined ($2,125 USD in total. Although an exact price is not known, they are likely to be valued considerably more in Vietnam where they are considered somewhat of a delicacy. She has been arrested and is facing wildlife trading charges; the hearing was set for February 1, 2016. WRRT staff will also attend this hearing to ensure proper processes are followed and an adequate penalty is imposed.

All rescued ducks were examined to determine if they were suitable for immediate release, but they all had one wing that had been clipped. They were provided with food and water before being transported directly to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center to be further assessed. The birds will be released into natural habitats as soon as they are fit to fly and fend for themselves.