11 animals rescued and released thanks to our brave rangers!

At a random check point in Sre Ambel, eight turtles and three monitor lizards were rescued from men on motorbikes intending to sell them in the illegal wildlife and pet trade. As soon as the men saw the rangers, they abandoned their motorbikes and wildlife and fled into the forest. The animals have since been released into protected habitat, thanks to the brave and dedicated efforts of our rangers.

Most species of monitor lizard have poisonous saliva to help them escape from predators and to facilitate in killing prey. Unfortunately, this defense mechanism hasn’t saved them from the common risks that face many species in the wild. These lizards are currently not Endangered, but if illegal hunting, trading and habitat loss and degradation continue, they could one day be at risk.

11 wild elephants were stuck in deep mud hole for four days in Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary

11 wild elephants were rescued by conservation organizations after they were stuck in a deep mud hole for four days in Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary of Mondulkiri province. In a joint effort yesterday, Wildlife Alliance, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment (E.L.I.E.) helped the last elephant from the sticky pit, created by American bombing during the Vietnam War. Wildlife Alliance congratulates the rangers and staff from ELIE and WCS for their hard work.

Wildlife Alliance held a funeral for the dead elephant

Wildlife Alliance held a funeral for the dead elephant that was electrocuted by an electric fence in Sihanoukville province. Several monks chanted for his after life as locals say goodbye to the two tons giant. RIP

An elephant was electrocuted last night

A gentle giant was electrocuted last night after he hit the electric fence that was set up by Kirirom hydropower, 3 kilometers from Kirirom National Park, near an area where our rangers patrol. Locals called our rangers for help.

Elephants may be one of the largest and strongest creatures in the animal kingdom but they are no match for an electric fence as one mammal was found dead on Tuesday night. The local villagers are mourning the gentle giant. RIP

Wildlife Alliance is transporting the elephant to our Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center today. A funeral will be held tomorrow morning with monks chanting at the Center. If you wish to donate please visit go to http://www.wildlifealliance.org/donate, then click on "Care for Rescued Animals" button. Thank you for your support.

Thanks to our rangers from Chambok Ranger Patrol Station, SreAmbel Ranger Patrol Station to the site.

U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia William Heidt Visits Steung Prat Patrol Station

Thank you Ambassador William Heidt for your visit and for making the time to talk to our staff who are on the ground making Wildlife Alliance a success. We work with communities to protect the forest and wildlife.

Meet Sereyneath Mao, Wildlife Alliance student supporter

Sereyneath Mao visited Wildlife Alliance office several months ago last year in search of learning about her country's Cardamom Rainforest Landscape. Here is her book based on that interview. Wildlife Alliance team would like to thank Sereyneath Mao, a sophomore at ISPP - International School of Phnom Penh for raising awareness about deforestation among high school students and raising money for Wildlife Alliance. Wildlife Alliance would like to thank Sereyneath, her parents and teachers for this making this book possible.

Clouded leopards that were captured in the camera

Wildlife Alliance's Science Director Dr. Thomas Gray travels to the Cardamoms with the Cambodian rangers to install camera traps in order to understand what species are roaming in the Cardamom Rainforst Landscape. Enjoy the video, especially the clouded leopards that were captured in the camera.