One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs at Wildlife Alliance is witnessing the entire process of rehabilitating animals we rescue from the illegal wildlife trade. To combat some of the greatest conservation issues facing wildlife, we crack down on deforestation, poaching, and wildlife trafficking. In the process, we rescue thousands of animals every year and see it as our duty to make sure they recover from the stresses they faced and return them back to the wild when possible. Such is the case for a slow loris rescued by our rangers in February 2018.

Rangers from the Green Peafowl station (Sre Ambel) found the young slow loris hidden inside a poacher’s bag of rice in the forest. They transported him to the nursery at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center where our keepers provided 24/7 care. In November, after he had regained his strength and grew bigger, he was transported to our Wildlife Release Station in the heart of the Southern Cardamom National Park. There in his pre-release enclosure, he was reacclimatized to the rainforest habitat and was released a month later! He is now back in the same forest from which he came and once again under the protection of our rangers.

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This new tour gives visitors an exclusive opportunity to see wildlife conservation firsthand, and experience Cambodia’s unique natural heritage.

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