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Wildlife Alliance cares for 4 families of smooth coated otters and the only hairy-nosed otter in captivity anywhere in the world. These playful creatures require special care and lots of enrichment to keep them healthy and happy.


Help build an Enrichment waterfall

Otters are curious and playful animals that require lots of enrichment to keep them as stimulated as they would be in the wild! Our keepers are constantly coming up with new enrichment techniques, including hammocks, floating rafts, rope balls, scatter feeds on land and live fish in the ponds. We would like to build a waterfall feature for our strongest swimmers to simulate a stream environment, make hunting a little more challenging to better prepare them for the wild should a release site become available and to make playtime even more fun! The waterfall will cost $3,000, and will ensure the otters live a happy and healthy life.

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6 Donors. $130 raised. $2,870 to go.
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Help Build a Waterfall

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Photo by Peter Yuen

Meet the Leng Family! The parents were already living at Phnom Tamao when Wildlife Alliance joined in 2001. They were likely rescued from fish farms, where they are seen as competition for livelihoods and often killed. Now with a safe home at the Rescue Center, they had their first litter in 2014 and have been wonderful parents, teaching their four young how to swim and hunt live fish!

With four resident smooth-coated otter families at Phnom Tamao, we hope to introduce unrelated young and release these captive born otter families back to the wild!

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