What is the real cost of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world?

Luckily, Wildlife Alliance rangers found this civet before poachers sold it to coffee producers. Many other civets are not so lucky Kopi Luwak coffee is made from digested coffee cherries in civets’ excrement. Producers justify the high price of the coffee by claiming the poo is rare & collected from the forest In reality, civets are live captured by poachers and sold to coffee “farms”

Poachers easily catch civets by setting hundreds of snares. As the civet struggles, the snare becomes tighter and tighter.

Civet traps explained HERE

Fortunately, our rangers found this civet before the poacher came back to collect it. The snare had severely cut into his leg.

The rangers treated the wound with antiseptic and transported him to our rescue center. After a full recovery, he will be released back into the protected rainforest.

Be part of the action on nature’s frontline.


Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests.

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