Rangers from the Green Peafowl Station saved an Asiatic softshell turtle from the illegal wildlife trade. While on patrol, the team intercepted a motorbike close to Sre Ambel village. Upon seeing the Wildlife Alliance rangers, the driver dropped the bag he was carrying, ditched his bike, and ran into the forest. When the rangers picked up the bag, they found a softshell turtle inside. Asiatic softshell turtles are being exploited throughout its range for food. As the trade for this species grows, the wild populations dwindle. As a result, the Asiatic softshell turtle is now classified as “Vulnerable” to extinction on the IUCN Red List. Unfortunately, little research has been done on this species and it is not known how many remain today. Wildlife Alliance’s Forest Protection Program is protecting vital habitat for this threatened species and protecting them from poachers. The rangers released this turtle back into protected habitat the next day.