September 23, 2018 – Koh Kong

Wildlife Alliance Rangers raided two illegal settlements built inside the Cardamom National Park protected area. Our forest protection team received information from private sources that the settlements and their occupants had been conducting forest crimes such as large scale logging and poaching since 2016.

Illegal settlements built inside the Cardamom National Park.

Poaching and illegal logging crackdown in Koh Kong.

The Ministry of Environment (MoE), Royal Gendarmerie Khmer and Wildlife Alliance rangers from Koh Pao patrol station (Koh Kong) received information about gunshots coming from the two illegal settlements built inside the Cardamom National Park protected area. The MoE Officers quickly intervened and confiscated two homemade guns, one chainsaw, electric fishing gear, and wild animals parts.

The Southern Cardamom National Park is home to over 50 IUCN red-listed species and as a Global Ecoregion, it is one of the most significant conservation places on the planet. The main threats to most of these species are habitat loss/degradation and hunting. Wildlife Alliance’s Forest Protection Program is countering these threats by stopping poachers and loggers like these every day.

The poacher handed the homemade gun and chainsaw to the Royal Gendarmerie Khmer – Wildlife Alliance ranger.

Two poachers and loggers handed to the Ministry of Environment Officer two homemade guns, one chainsaw, one bullet, black gunpowder, wild animal parts, and electric fishing gear. All the evidence was documented. The men were brought to the court in Koh Kong and were prosecuted.

The two men were brought to Koh Kong Court where they were prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

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Our forest rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals in one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests.

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